Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies

Telus Optik TV Documentary : Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies.



Telus Storyhive


A story of two African creatives who made the Prairies of Alberta home & created the community they always sought by bringing Afrobeats to the Prairies.

Over 11,000km away from its origin, the people of Lagos could not imagine that the rhythms of Afrobeat created by Fela Kuti have found roots and are ringing across the prairies. The rise of AfroBeats in the Prairies is an exploration of the history of Afrobeats, its organic emergence in the Prairies and a celebration of the impact this art form has had on those who have found home through its movements and rhythms in the Prairies of Alberta. In the most unlikely place located on treaty 6 territory, two African creatives cross paths while in search of themselves through dance and music. While exploring their connections with Afro Beats, these 2 did not only found spaces of belonging for themselves but through it they also nurtured and participated in the creation of entire communities of individuals who were craving a sense of home. 

Creative Direction

This documentary film will take form as a hybrid style documentary, weaving together aspects of traditional narrative filmmaking like reenactment scenes, scripted scenes, animation, special effects and other elements to properly convey the story elements essential to creating the world we want our audience to be engaged in and convey the emotions and aesthetics of the African beauty, flare and culture taking inspiration from several short documentaries, music videos, and old African cinema (Touki Bouki). 

Along with telling a visual story, sound and music will be a way we showcase the gradual evolution of Afrobeats, starting off with sounds from Fela Kuti in the 60’s, progressing to the new age sound of alternative Afrobeats. 


Executive Producer: Ivan Touko & Laconnexional Film Productions 

Production Company: Media21 Production

Director: Fahad Suleiman

Writers: Zainab & Aimaa Azhar

Director of Photography: Mubarak Suleiman 

1st AC: Dante Sutton

Wardrobe: Merlin Uwalaka

Sound Recordist & Production Manager: Leruo Leaganjang

Assistant Production Manager: Radiya Suleiman

Editor: Fahad Suleiman

Sound Post Production: Fahad Suleiman 

Color Post Production: Mubarak Suleiman

Graphic Design: Angel Fano

Unit Photographer: Sebastian Castro

Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies
Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies