Advertising Content for GOOD Hoops Girls Program

Developing Impactful Advertising Content for GOOD Hoops Girls Program. Our Goal is to enhance awareness and boost athlete recruitment for the program.



GOOD Hoops is a grassroots basketball program based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Their program was built on the premise of creating opportunities through basketball

Problem Statement

"While we have successfully focused on athletes' development and provided high-level opportunities for boys, we recognize the need to address the disparity and elevate the girls' side of our program. The problem at hand is to ensure that female athletes feel supported, welcomed, valued, and ultimately encouraged to register for the Goodhoops program. We seek to create an inclusive environment that fosters their growth, unlocks their potential, and empowers them to thrive in basketball and beyond". Sunny Sooch of Goodhoops.


we devised a powerful and compelling single-minded proposition, 'GROW THE GAME', as the central theme for the Goodhoops Girls Program commercial. Leveraging this creative direction, we crafted an impactful commercial that resonated with our target audience, generating remarkable results. The commercial garnered an impressive 20,000 organic views on social media, and through strategic media buys, it achieved over 200,000 social media impressions. The successful launch of the Goodhoops Girls Program led to a substantial increase in sign-ups, validating the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. By focusing on empowering and supporting female athletes, we have not only grown the game of basketball but also created a vibrant and inclusive community where young talents can thrive and achieve their fullest potential

Advertising Content for GOOD Hoops Girls Program

Client: GOOD Hoops

Production Company: Media 21

Director: Mubarak Suleiman

DP: Dante Sutton

Editor: Fahad Suleiman

Colorist: Mubarak Suleiman

Sound Tech/Production Manager: Leruo Leagajang

Gaffer Grip: Mohamed Hassan

Advertising Content for GOOD Hoops Girls Program